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Business offering

As an entrepreneur with growth companies, you face uncertainty every day. Fortunately, we have been working with leaders like you on projects like yours for over a century.

Discover a world of possibilities with Credit Suisse

  • Find solutions for complex requirements

  • Take your company to the next level

  • Finance your company’s growth

  • Benefit from new ideas

Extract liquidity from your holdings

We help you mitigate the risk and take measure in order to protect your wealth going forward.

  • As one of the world’s leading wealth and asset managers, we have significant experience in providing support and investment management services to highly successful entrepreneurs who exit their strategic businesses and enter into a new phase seeking to deploy their liquidity and manage their family wealth.
  • Our dedicated department for strategic clients allows you to benefit from best practices of institutional asset managers, endowment funds, family offices worldwide – through bilateral connections, exchange platforms and co-investment opportunities.
  • We are a consistent market leader in the US IPO market, with a strong track record in the tech and software sectors and dedicated teams based in New York, London, Zurich and Israel, allowing tech entrepreneurs to benefit from end-to-end ECM capabilities.

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"Credit Suisse AG, including the services offered in Israel, is not supervised by the Supervisor of Banks at the Bank of Israel, but by the competent banking supervision authority in Switzerland. Credit Suisse Financial Services (Israel) Ltd. is a licensed investment marketer in Israel and thus, its investment marketing activities are supervised by the Israel Securities Authority."

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