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Keep your business a step ahead with our financing solutions

Your business has grown – and so has your vision. To help you continue to grow, innovate and expand, we can provide you with tailored financing solutions no matter how complex your needs. We understand the distinct mindset and concerns of entrepreneurs, building on our track record with both large corporates and SMEs.

Take tomorrow.
With our financing and lending solutions.

Financing for growth

As one of the few international private banks with institutional structuring capabilities we can draw on our sector-specific expertise to offer strategic support and put together the right packages to finance growth, deal with cash flows and optimize your balance sheet. We can also help find and value the right M&A targets, negotiate and fund the deals.

Lending that makes sense

We provide corporate lending for companies looking to expand. Using our institutional structuring capabilities from across Credit Suisse, we can support you on the right solution to your particular financial requirements. This may be monetizing large stock holdings or lending against real assets, cash flow and financial and non-financial assets.

Expanding with ambition

We help companies with big ambitions expand into new markets with confidence. With decades of experience in capital-intensive industries and wide geographic coverage – especially in emerging markets – we can deliver a range of financing solutions. And our access to export credit agency decision-makers, private risk insurers, advisors and other financial institutions allows us to focus on the negotiations and you, on your business.

Take tomorrow with our financing solutions

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