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  1. Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2017: Retirement Provision Overtakes Unemployment as Biggest Concern

    Credit Suisse publishes the results of its latest survey about the concerns, confidence and sense of identity of Swiss voters

  2. Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors Announces Sale of Actiance to K1 Investment Management

    New York, November 30, 2017 – Credit Suisse Asset Management’s NEXT Investors announced today it has exited its investment in Actiance, a leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, through a sale to K1 Investment Management, a California based private equity firm focused on investing in enterprise software companies.

  3. Investor Day 2017

    Credit Suisse continues to deliver on its strategy, achieving both strong growth and significant cost reductions

    2018 to be the final year of restructuring and Credit Suisse announces 2019-2020 objectives

  4. Should Children Be Allowed to Buy Everything with Their Own Money?

    Should Children Be Allowed to Buy Everything with Their Own Money?

    The following generally applies: Children should be free to do whatever they want with their pocket money. But parents are not always that happy about leaving purchasing decisions to their children. In his column, Daniel Betschart of Pro Juventute explains how parents can grant freedom to their children while at the same time communicating sensible consumer behavior with them.

  5. Pizza being topped.

    Where the Price Comes From: Let's Play Restaurant

    Where does the price of goods actually come from? And what's the best way to explain it to your children? One idea: Play restaurant with your child. Bake a pizza together and calculate the sale price step-by-step. Here's a guide for it.

  6. Child holds a gift in his hand.

    Cash Gifts: How to Handle Them

    For godparents and grandparents, it is often a challenge to find a suitable birthday or Christmas gift. Many decide to give a cash gift. The question then becomes, should my child be allowed to keep it all? You'll find recommendations from Pro Juventute and youth psychologist Urs Kiener here.

  7. Child plays hopscotch.

    The Balance between Saving and Spending

    Strict saving isn't always the best way for children to learn about handling money. The goal of consumer education is to develop a healthy relationship with money. Axel Dammler is a specialist in child and youth research and has worked with young people for more than 20 years. In the interview, he explains how children can learn about consumption.

  8. Girl is drying plates.

    Why Are Chores Useful?

    If children make purchasing decisions themselves, they must accept responsibility for them. However, this needs to be learned. Chores are a good opportunity for children to learn about responsibility. But what should be noted, and should you give rewards for chores? Child and family psychologist Sabine Brunner gives five tips for everyday family life.

  9. Credit Suisse announces Head of Malaysia Coverage

    Credit Suisse announces the appointment of Mia Idora Ismail as Head of Malaysia Coverage in its Asia Pacific Investment Banking & Capital Markets (IBCM) department.

  10. Credit Suisse’s Investment Outlook Expects Sustained Growth in 2018; Further Upside Potential in Equities

    Credit Suisse sees Millennials emerge as decisive force across economic, social and political realms