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  1. Investor Day 2016

    In October 2015, we presented our strategy and our plans to reinforce our position as a leading private bank and wealth manager, with strong investment banking capabilities. In our search for growth, we said that we would take a balanced approach between our presence in large, established and wealthy mature markets and faster growing emerging markets, where significant wealth is being created but with higher volatility. We believe that this strategy will generate significant value for our shareholders over time. Looking ahead, we are confirming today our medium-term 2018 PTI target for the affluent, mature Swiss market and are also confirming our Wealth Management targets both in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific (APAC) and other emerging economies, grouped in our International Wealth Management (IWM) division. In addition, given the challenging market conditions that we are facing, we are adjusting down our targets related to our markets and trading activities in APAC and to our Asset Management activities in IWM. In parallel, we are increasing our Group cost savings target, designed to make our bank more resilient through the cycle and providing significant potential upside for our shareholders when conditions improve.

  2. Credit Suisse Asset Management Launches Quantitative Funds

    Credit Suisse announced today that through its Asset Management business, it is in the process of launching two quantitative funds, targeting a total raise in excess of USD 1.5 billion from a group of highly experienced institutional quant investors alongside Credit Suisse, who will also be an investor in the funds. Both funds will focus on building highly diversified portfolios of global long and short equity positions, by deploying systematic quantitative strategies.

  3. Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta (LAB) Index Up 0.67% in November

    The Credit Suisse LAB Index was up 0.67% in November.

  4. The Swiss Population's Trio of Worries: Unemployment, Foreigners, Retirement Provision

    Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2016
    Anniversary edition – 40 years of the Worry Barometer

  5. Growth in global wealth remains limited in 2016 – Brexit vote wipes USD 1.5 trillion off UK household wealth

    Credit Suisse Research Institute publishes Global Wealth Report 2016

  6. Credit Suisse AG Announces Its Intent To Delist And Suspend Further Issuances Of Its DWTI And UWTI ETNs

    Credit Suisse AG announced today its intention to delist and suspend further issuances of the following Exchange Traded Notes (the "ETNs"):

  7. The Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index finished down 0.18% in October

    The Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index (the “Broad Index”) finished down 0.18% for the month of October.

  8. Commodities Were Slightly Lower in October

    Commodities declined slightly in October as a result of shifting fundamental factors, according to Credit Suisse Asset Management.