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Our clients frequently discuss the extensive challenges they face in today's market. Many old paradigms have shifted or disappeared altogether. Activism poses a looming and continuous challenge, making corporate governance even more complex. The economic picture in all regions remains dynamic and sustainable global growth continues to be elusive.

Against this backdrop, key strategic decisions to drive growth, increase returns, or gain a competitive edge are difficult and complex. Capital allocation, value creation, acquisition or disposal possibilities, and optimal balance sheet structures are frequent topics of discussion as our clients evaluate the range of opportunities available to them.


Our Credit Suisse Corporate Insights series offers clients our perspectives on evaluating the key and critical decision points they regularly face.

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Portfolio Optimization: linking performance to value

Fall 2022


Companies face operating and capital allocation decisions – and constraints – every day. For multi-segment companies, one of those decisions revolves around providing capital to the segments in their portfolio. To help companies figure out how to best deploy their capital – or to make strategic choices about their portfolios – we wrote a paper on what seems to drive the most value to portfolio companies.


The Investor Landscape: four evolving themes and their implications

Winter 2021-22


Investors play a critical role in the expansion and success of a corporation. They provide the liquidity and financing to keep corporates humming along. Consequently, it is vital for corporate decision makers to monitor and understand shifts in the investor landscape. Decisions that improve the risk-adjusted returns of a business are rewarded by investors, and investor perception can influence everything from capital allocation strategy to the day-to-day operations of a company. But not all investors are alike. The appetites of equity, debt, preferred/hybrid, long, short, convertible, active, passive, retail and institutional investors can vary greatly. Each plays a role, and the companies that understand these different roles can better manage relationships with investors.


Capital allocation: paths to value

2nd Quarter 2021


One of the biggest puzzles corporations face when afforded the luxury of easy access to capital is figuring out what to do with it. Do you invest in organic growth or do you look at acquisition opportunities? Do you pay down debt or simply save the cash for when you need it? Or do you look at ways to please investors such as buybacks or dividends?


In this paper we have taken a close look at the actual returns of all these options and seek to arm our clients with insights to help them navigate these capital deployment challenges.


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Portfolio Optimization: linking performance to value

The Investor Landscape: four evolving themes and their implications


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