General Information

Portfolio(s) Overview:

Obtain a summary of information relating to the portfolio at a glance including

  • performance over a selected time period(s)
  • cash & cash equivalent balance,
  • the balance available to invest
  • overview of the income & expenditure for the Portfolio
  • view Portfolio allocation by asset class or currency

Access detailed information relating to the Portfolio

  • Portfolio positions viewer,
  • Portfolio performance comparison against selected benchmarks,
  • cash account balances
  • historical transactions for the Portfolio

Market News & Credit Suisse Research Publications:

Experience Credit Suisse research and access to relevant market news through your device

  • Access to global & regional market news, and selected Credit Suisse Investment Strategy and Research publications
  • Track performance and other data of companies, financial instruments and major indices

Watchlist & Notifications:

Monitor your preferred financial instruments with timely updates

  • Create a multiple asset watchlist with access to available trading tools
  • Subscribe to notifications on FX and Equity trades activity and market data events

Trading Tools:

Seize market opportunities

  • Trade equities on major global exchanges
  • Perform foreign exchange (FX) spot and forward trading
  • View an up-to-date history of orders placed for a Portfolio including the status for more recently executed transactions


  • Retrieve your bank documents electronically via your device
  • Receive and download the latest bank statements, correspondences and advices in the electronic format
  • Access archived copies (up to 12 months) with ease whenever you need

Collaboration Tools:

Stay engaged with your Credit Suisse Team

  • Instant messaging services for faster collaboration
  • Audio and pre-arranged video calls with screen sharing on-your device,
  • Relationship Manager initiated document sharing with annotation functionality.

Portfolio Risk Analyzer: 

Assess the risk exposure of your portfolio(s)3

  • Review your portfolio risk status versus your selected risk exposure
  • Review the instruments within the Portfolio that contribute most to the risk of the portfolio
  • Simulate portfolio performance in various market event scenarios

Quick Access:

Enjoy peace of mind with a choice of quick log-in options

  • Standard log-in using a username and password to view a summary of your portfolio, global news and your watchlist
  • Using Apple’s Touch ID4 technology, login with fingerprint authentication as an alternative to the input of your username and password.


A selection of curated content that provides a view of what is happening in the world

  • View a selection of articles extracted from Credit Suisse Investment Strategy & Research publications

Secondary Content

Need Help? 

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