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kh-claim Introducing Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific App

Introducing Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific App 

At Credit Suisse, we are investing in technology to deliver our industry leading services to you when and where you need it and to empower you to reach your financial goals.

Our new app for Private Banking clients has features designed specifically for you. From information about your portfolio, to research and market insights, trading capabilities and more ways to collaborate with your Credit Suisse team.

More than just a new app, it is a new way of private banking.

Versions of the app are now available for Apple iPad1, Apple iPhone1 and web browsers.

The app is currently available for Private Banking accounts which are booked in Singapore or Hong Kong. Clients must be registered as Credit Suisse Internet Banking users to log in to the app. Depending on your country of residence or incorporation, you may not be eligible for access to or certain features may be restricted or not available.

Portfolio(s) Overview:

Obtain a summary of information relating to the portfolio at a glance including

  • performance over a selected time period(s)
  • cash & cash equivalent balance,
  • the balance available to invest
  • overview of the income & expenditure for the Portfolio
  • view Portfolio allocation by asset class or currency

Access detailed information relating to the Portfolio

  • Portfolio positions viewer,
  • Portfolio performance comparison against selected benchmarks,
  • cash account balances
  • historical transactions for the Portfolio

Market News & Credit Suisse Research Publications:

Experience Credit Suisse research and access to relevant market news through your device

  • Access to global & regional market news, and selected Credit Suisse Investment Strategy and Research publications
  • Track performance and other data of companies, financial instruments and major indices

Watchlist & Notifications:

Monitor your preferred financial instruments with timely updates

  • Create a multiple asset watchlist with access to available trading tools
  • Subscribe to notifications on FX and Equity trades activity and market data events

Trading Tools:

Seize market opportunities

  • Trade equities on major global exchanges
  • Perform foreign exchange (FX) spot and forward trading
  • View an up-to-date history of orders placed for a Portfolio including the status for more recently executed transactions


  • Retrieve your bank documents electronically via your device
  • Receive and download the latest bank statements, correspondences and advices in the electronic format
  • Access archived copies (up to 12 months) with ease whenever you need

Collaboration Tools:

Stay engaged with your Credit Suisse Team

  • Instant messaging services for faster collaboration
  • Audio and pre-arranged video calls with screen sharing on-your device
  • Relationship Manager initiated document sharing with annotation functionality

Portfolio Risk Analyzer: 

Assess the risk exposure of your portfolio(s)3

  • Review your portfolio risk status versus your selected risk exposure
  • Review the instruments within the Portfolio that contribute most to the risk of the portfolio
  • Simulate portfolio performance in various market event scenarios

Quick Access:

Enjoy peace of mind with a choice of quick log-in options

  • Standard log-in using a username and password to view a summary of your portfolio, global news and your watchlist
  • Using Apple’s Touch ID4 technology, login with fingerprint authentication as an alternative to the input of your username and password.


A selection of curated content that provides a view of what is happening in the world

  • View a selection of articles extracted from Credit Suisse Investment Strategy & Research publications

For Credit Suisse Invest Clients

Access to Credit Suisse Invest specific materials

  • Experience convenient access to your exclusive Credit Suisse Invest Portfolio Summary page
  • Access to the latest best-in-class investment ideas, customized to your chosen strategy and preferences
  • Review the details of investment ideas and retrieve previous ideas which have been sent within the last 30 days
  • Receive timely notifications on developments in your portfolio
  • For more information on Credit Suisse Invest, click here

Token-free Login

Unlock full access to the Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific app with state-of-the-art security technology:

  •  Enjoy greater convenience of logging in without using your physical security device (“Token”)
  •  Download the SecureSign Asia Pacific app from the Apple App Store, which serves as an alternative to the Token for completing your second factor authentication
  •  For more information on "How to register", click here

The Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific app is available for download on Apple iPad, iPhone, Android devices and web browsers.

Download the app 

iPad and iPhone
To download and install the app, please search for “Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific” on the Apple App Store.

Please click here to download the app from the App Store. 

Android devices 
To dwnload and install the app, please search for “Credit Suisse PB APAC” on Google Play.

Please click here to download the app from Google Play.

If you are unable to access Google Play please 
click here to download the app.

Web Browser 

You can access the web version of the app via your desktop or laptop web browser at

Once you have received your Username, Password and security device, and have downloaded the app, you can proceed to login to the app for the first time. 

Step 1: Launch the app and enter your Username and Password

Step 2: You will then be prompted to generate and enter your Login Security Code

Generate the Login Security Code

Step 3: Next, you will be prompted to create a new Password

Step 4: You will then have to authenticate the Password. To do this, generate and enter a One-Time-Password (OTP)

Generate an OTP

Step 5: An SMS notification will be sent to your mobile number registered with the bank to notify you about this change

Step 6: You have successfully logged to the app

Explore the step-by step guide to each app feature

Log in to the app for the first time

Log in to the app for the first time 

Once you have downloaded the app. Learn how to log in for the first time and personalize your password. 

Insights & Markets

Insights & Markets

Learn how to view news and research publications that has been curated according to your portfolio. 

Create and maintain your Watchlist

Create and maintain your Watchlist 

You can monitor the movements of your selected financial instruments. Learn how to create your watchlist to do this. 

Buy and Sell Equities

Buy and Sell Equities 

Learn how to use the trading tools to buy and sell equities.

Analyzing your Portfolio Risk

Analyzing your Portfolio Risk 

Learn how to compare your portfolio risk exposure vs your selected risk exposure and more. 

Interact with your Credit Suisse team

Interact with your Credit Suisse team 

Find out how to use text messages, Audio calls, video calls and more for in dept conversation with your Credit Suisse team. 

View Portfolio Details

View Portfolio Details 

Learn how to view the performance of your portfolio, monitor your positions, keep track of your income vs expenditure and more. 


1 Depending on your country of residence or incorporation, the Portfolio Risk Analyzer feature may be restricted or not available. 
Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific is compatible with iOS 8 and above.
3 Depending on your country of residence or incorporation, the Portfolio Risk Analyzer feature may be restricted or not available. 
Fingerprint authentication is only available on Touch ID enabled iPhones.

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