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Our Approach

With you every step of the way.

Our comprehensive structured advisory process ensures your Relationship Manager has a full understanding of your needs, expectations, goals and constraints right from the start. Your Relationship Manager will help you to develop an investment solution tailored to your needs, both now and in the future by regularly monitoring your portfolio.

Our Advisory Process

Our comprehensive structured advisory approach focuses on you and your individual needs.

We Understand You

Your Relationship Manager listens to you and takes the time to understand your needs and objectives.

We propose comprehensive solutions

Your Relationship Manager provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and deliver them in a transparent and efficient way.

We monitor and review your portfolio regularly

Market changes, new opportunities and life events can all affect financial planning. By performing regular reviews, your Relationship Manager keeps you informed, and monitors your portfolio, safeguarding your best interest.

Our Process has five steps

1 Needs analysis, 2 Financial concept, 3 Client profil, 4 Investment Strategy, 5 Implementation
  1. Needs Analysis: Your needs and objectives are the focus of the professional and holistic advice provided by your Relationship Manager.
  2. Financial Concept: Your Relationship Manager uses the results of the needs analysis to compile your personal financial concept.
  3. Client Profile: You discover your personal risk profile so that they can make the right investment decisions.
  4. Investment Strategy:  Your Relationship Manager will provide you with a comprehensive investment proposal based on your profile.
  5. Implementation: Your Relationship Manager will offer you professional support in the implementation of the chosen strategy and in the ongoing management of your assets.

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