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Wealth Services

Growing, protecting and preserving your wealth.

Our Service Offering

Our wealth services are designed to meet the needs of wealthy individuals, executives and business owners with at least USD 2 million to invest.

Our Approach


Our structured advisory process ensures your Relationship Manager has a full understanding of your needs, expectations, goals and constraints right from the start.

Investment Management


You have a choice of discretionary* or advisory portfolio management services to suit the degree of control you wish to have over your investment decisions.

Research and Market Views


Access to extensive research into the world's financial markets at your finger tips. Our market research helps you to understand the latest investment trends and opportunities.

Loans and Credit


Our wide array of cost-effective lending solutions provides you the liquidity to increase your investment capacity and manage your cash flow without selling your existing assets.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning allows you to protect your wealth and transfer it to future generations. We offer a broad range of strategies and products to seamlessly transfer your assets to the next generation according to your wishes, and continue your legacy.

Philanthropy Service


Philanthropy is increasingly considered an important part of wealth planning. Our team can help you to fulfill your philanthropic endeavors and optimize the impact of your giving.

Family Office Services


Our Family Office Services Team in Singapore strengthens the ultra-high net worth families' ability to successfully preserve, grow and transfer their legacy across generations and market cycles.

* Asset Management/Discretionary Investment services currently NOT available in Hong Kong Private Banking.

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We are dedicated to meeting the needs of External Asset Managers and their clients.