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Fixed Income

Solutions to meet your needs.

Fixed income investments such as government bonds and investment-grade credits offer a less risky investment strategy and can be used to improve the risk-return ratio of your portfolio as well as provide a fixed regular income.

A bond is a contractual obligation of the issuer to pay interest and principal at agreed times. Under normal circumstances, longer maturity bonds usually offer a higher yield.

As a Credit Suisse client, you have access to best-in-class bond funds and benefit from efficient trade execution.

Your Relationship Manager can tailor solutions from a full range of funds with the support of  various specialist teams. Your Relationship Manager will also plan for continuous reinvestment.

Your Benefits:

  • Customized portfolio matching your return and risk expectations
  • Potential income from interest payments
  • Maturities tailored to your investment plans and liquidity requirements
  • Frequent research updates to capitalize on market opportunities

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