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Enabling Enhanced Investment Decisions

Credit Suisse Invest is an advisory mandate offering. It delivers to our clients professional and individualized advice in a timely manner, via a call, an email or by an app. By using both technology and human touch, we aim to create additional value to our client's portfolio by empowering our client to make enhanced investment decisions.


Combining Technology with Human Touch


With CSI, we place the all-round expertise of our globally networked investment professionals at your fingertips. Linked directly to our award-winning Credit Suisse PB APAC app, Credit Suisse Invest clients can also gain exclusive access to features such as personalized investment ideas and portfolio analytics via this platform.

83% of Credit Suisse Invest Ideas sent directly to Clients in Volatile 2018 were profitable1
35% of these sent ideas generated more than 10% Returns1


Combining Technology with Human Touch

Overview of Credit Suisse Invest

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