General Information

AES® for Foreign Exchange (FX)

Credit Suisse's industry-leading algorithms are now available for foreign exchange

With our current set of tools you can:

  • Work orders on multiple liquidity pools
  • Increase productivity by automating trading
  • Improve execution performance with a variety of algorithms

Control your order yourself.

AES has desks and development teams in New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong for round-the-clock coverage from Monday morning in Australia until Friday evening in the US. Our algorithms are fully available in 35+ nations on six continents. Algorithms are customized for each country by local teams of experienced traders and quantitative developers who understand the nuances and regulations of each market.

Access AES from the systems already on your desk.

Send orders to AES from the system you already use everyday. AES can be integrated into any FIX enabled trading platform, including Credit Suisse's PrimeTradeSM.

Absolute anonymity

No one will see your identity on your order, helping to minimize information slippage.

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