Hear from Our Experts Credit Suisse Lifestyle Series

Credit Suisse Lifestyle Series

Your health and wellbeing. Our top priority.

We invite you to tune in and stay abreast of the latest information to help you maintain a healthy mindset and body.

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  • Episode 1: Lung cancer and Covid-19 
  • Episode 2: Covid-19 vaccine development 
  • Episode 3: Fitness exercise to power up your lungs 
  • Episode 4: Best workouts to boost your immune system 
  • Episode 5: Muscle-strengthening and bone-building 
  • Episode 6: TCM: Qi as the vital energy for immunity 
  • Episode 7: TCM: Kidneys-Spleen for bones and muscles 
  • Episode 8: Body pain 
  • Episode 9: Mental wellness 
  • Episode 10: Allergy
  • Episode 1: Richie Lin – Mume (One Michelin Star)
  • Episode 2: Kin Lam – Longtail (One Michelin Star)
  • Episode 3: Jimmy Lin – JL Studio (Two Michelin Stars)
  • Episode 1: Fashion x Feng Shui

*Topic and schedule are subject to changes.