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Market Outlook Seminar

Attended by over 3,800 people across Asia Pacific, the Credit Suisse Market Outlook Seminar is held twice a year and provides clients with a comprehensive outlook on global financial markets and the economy in Asia Pacific.

Access Actionable Insights

At the Market Outlook Seminar, clients gain meaningful and actionable insights into key investment themes directly from top Credit Suisse experts. Key topics in the upcoming Market Outlook Seminar include:

  • “Asia FIFO” by John Woods:
    • Asia was first into the COVID-19 crisis and will likely be the first out 
    • Asia’s recovery template will act as an important guide for subsequent investing in global markets
  • China’s economic outlook by Dong Tao:
    • How will the Chinese economy develop post the COVID-19 outbreak?
    • How does the pandemic changes China’s digital era?
    • What is the next in the Sino-US relationship and the geopolitical implications?

Advice from Our Top Experts

Top Credit Suisse experts help clients navigate the evolving economy to make sound and successful investment strategies. Key speakers in the Market Outlook Seminar include:

John Woods is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse and Chief Investment Officer Asia Pacific, responsible for developing regional discretionary and advisory investment strategies across asset classes and within asset classes for private and institutional clients in Asia Pacific. Mr. Woods is a member of the Investment Committee of Credit Suisse and Chair of the Regional Investment Committee in Asia Pacific.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse in September 2015, Mr. Woods was Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Asia Pacific for Citi Investment Management. Before that, he served as the Chief Investment Strategist for Asia Pacific at Citi Private Bank and was a voting member of the Global Investment Committee.

Mr. Woods brings 25 years' investment management experience in Asia fixed income and currency markets, with special focus on portfolio management, trading and research. Among his previous roles, he was HSBC’s UK-based Head of Absolute Return Proprietary Trading and Global Head of Credit Research and Strategy. John obtained his M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London.

Dong Tao is a Managing Director and the Vice Chairman Greater China for Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific.

In this role, Dong will focus on providing senior client coverage of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) and key clients for the Greater China market. Dong helps activate the Private Banking client franchise across Asia Pacific through participation in key client meetings and marketing events. His primary focus is to develop relationship with ultra-high-net-worth clients, bringing both his macro-economic expertise and ability to develop client solutions. With a particular focus on Greater China, Dong is also an important market commentator, observing macro-economic trends and major developments. He will also play an important role in talent development matters and the mentoring of senior banking talent across Greater China.

Before that, Dong was the Chief Regional Economist for non-Japan Asia at Credit Suisse Global Markets Asia Pacific, covering the Asia regional economy as a whole, with a focus on China. Prior to joining Credit Suisse in February 1998, he was with Schroders Securities Asia as Senior Regional Economist and Head of China research. 

Dong holds a Ph.D. degree and a M.Sc. degree from University of Utah and B.A. from Beijing Foreign Language University. He worked in China, the US and Japan. He has been based in Hong Kong since 1994.

Remark: 2019 data, except where noted otherwise.