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  1. ESG - Investment for a brighter future

    Climate change and pollution, people working and living under repressive conditions, with mismanagement and corruption adding fuel to the fire. These are the challenges that impede human development and progress. Investors and asset managers are done with being idle bystanders or even inadvertently making things worse.

  2. "Urbanity cannot be planned. It takes shape by itself."

    A talk with Professor Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Architect and professor emeritus for the history of urban design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

  3. Logistics. Logically.

    The market for logistics properties is undergoing a significant and sustained period of global expansion. Spurred by changes in consumption patterns and technological progress, growth in the logistics real estate market presents investors with opportunities for strong risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification.

  4. New needs call for new approach to building design

    Building in cities is a challenge: Land is in short supply, while the needs and aspirations of people and businesses are constantly evolving. The real-estate industry is addressing future trends through innovative solutions for living and working.

  5. Automating the farm

    Technology and science are no strangers to agriculture. In fact, it is reasonable to say that technological innovations have repeatedly allowed society to avoid a “Malthusian catastrophe”¹ by enabling the production of enough food to sustain the 7.68 billion people living in the world today.²

  6. Reinsurance market renewals

    In 2020, the reinsurance industry experienced one of its most challenging periods in many years. Several years of high industry losses along with historical low interest rates have driven positive rate development and a shift to a hardening market within certain market segments.

  7. Garbage: What a waste!

    Population growth, urbanization and increased consumerism have supported long-term growth in waste volumes generated by society. Solid waste management affects everybody of us in the world, as individuals managing our own waste or governments that are providing waste management services to the society.

  8. Sustainable China

    Over the past decades, China has followed a path of growth and development unparalleled in human history – lifting untold millions out of poverty and creating a dynamic modern economy. And the country has set its sights on an even more ambitious future. Issues such as environmental stewardship, transparency, and labor rights have not always been a high priority.

  9. Urbanization

    In the coming years, the world’s population will exceed the eight billion mark. Switzerland is growing too: an estimated ten million people will be living here in 20 years, many of whom will be drawn to urban areas. How can cities continue to be livable? Urban planners have no shortage of solutions.

  10. corporate bonds

    Contingent convertible bonds – better than bank equity?

    Fixed income portfolio managers Roger Wyss and Harald Kloos explain how contingent convertible bonds have evolved as an asset class and why they offer an attractive investment opportunity in the current environment.