Students and Graduates Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Join us as an intern and you’ll learn, grow and contribute to one of the world’s leading financial companies. We offer programs globally and in nearly every business area. All of our programs combine exceptional training with real-world work experience.

You’ll definitely work hard. But you’ll come away with impressive experience that will help ensure that you are ready for the next step in your professional life. What’s more, if you show potential and demonstrate exceptional performance during your time with us and depending on business needs, you may be considered for a full-time position.

Asset Finance (Analyst only)

Gain insight into the global markets, receive specialized training and get exposure to a wide range of asset-backed securities.

Asset Management (Analyst only)

Work with some of the industry’s leading experts in delivering investment solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.

Capital Markets (Analyst only)

Join our Capital Markets team and help devise and execute transactions that make international headlines.

Equity Research (Analyst only)

Learn the fundamentals of stock analysis and get insight into the overall investment process in this ten-week Summer Analyst Internship.

Finance (Analyst only)

Get an inside look at one of the world’s leading banks, and build your expertise in accounting, group control, insurance, investor relations and more.

Human Resources, Communications and Branding (Analyst only)

Human Resources, Communications and Branding are responsible for attracting, retaining and developing our employees. Driving our global communications strategy, and developing and strengthening the Credit Suisse brand.

Internal Audit (Analyst only)

Get a broad view of our organization and work with experienced professionals across the globe on corporate governance, risk management and sustainability.

Investment Banking (Analyst and Associate)

Get an up-close look at mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and other complex transactions in our nine-week Analyst and Associate programs.

Global Markets Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer (GM COO/CFO) (Analyst only)

Gain a deep understanding of financial controls and operations in this nine-week rotational Analyst program.

Operations (Analyst only)

Be part of a team that ensures the successful execution of millions of securities transactions on a daily basis.

Sales and Trading-Equities and Fixed Income (Analyst only)

Join a robust ten-week summer program for students interested in Equities and Fixed Income. You’ll build skills and grow a network that will help advance your career.

Quantitative Summer Institute (Analyst and Associate)

Dive into the sophisticated world of quantitative analysis, and learn about recent innovations and developments from leaders in the field.

Technology (IT)

Thrive in an environment based on innovation, technical excellence and creativity as part of our Technology team.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Credit Suisse has worked hard to create an environment that is open and inclusive, and we offer a variety of internship programs for diverse candidates.

Asset Management (Analyst only)

Learn about this growing area of asset management from our industry-leading Alternative Investments team.

Global Markets: HOLT (Associate only)

Join our HOLT team and you will create research, data and insights that help guide investment decisions around the world.

Global Markets: Research (Analyst only)

Provide in-depth research and creative insights to help guide the decisions of both our senior management and our clients.

Global Markets: Sales, Trading and Structuring (Analyst only)

Gain valuable insight from one of the best Global Markets training programs in the industry, and set yourself up for a future of leadership and success.

Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

Our Investment Banking and Capital Markets (IBCM) Programs put you in the middle of some of the most challenging mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and transactions in the world. 

Private Banking and Wealth Management (Associate only)

Learn from one of the world’s leading wealth managers. You’ll develop your advisory skills and create a business plan to help launch your wealth management career. 

Technology (IT) (Analyst only)

Thrive in an environment based on innovation, technical excellence and creativity as part of our Technology team.

Quantitative Summer Institute (Associate only)

Dive into the sophisticated world of quantitative analysis, and learn about recent innovations and developments from leaders in the field. 

Off-Cycle Quantitative Internships (Associate only)

Our Off-Cycle Quantitative Internships are ideal for graduate students looking to enhance their studies and advance their careers with applied quantitative work. 

 A-Level Insight Day

Learn about your career opportunities in Investment Banking at this informative, one-day event. 

Spring Insight Program

Get an in-depth view of the Investment Banking industry at this five-day event designed for first- and second-year students. 

Diversity: Steps to Success Internship Program

This internship program provides A-Level, U.K. students from underrepresented or underprivileged backgrounds with insights into the workings of a leading, global bank. 

Poland: Three-Month Internship

Gain real-world experience inside one of the industry’s top banks. Immerse yourself in the financial service industry and learn new skills that will help you have a successful career. 

Poland: Wealth Management Academy

Accelerate your career with our unique five-month Wealth Management Academy program, which combines comprehensive training with hands-on learning. 

Poland: Legal and Compliance Academy

Immerse yourself in the vital Legal and Compliance operations of one of the world’s leading financial institutions. 

Corporate Functions - Finance, Internal Audit and Risk (Analyst only)

Join our Corporate Functions Summer Analyst Program and learn about the critical services needed to support our business divisions.

Global Markets: Equity Research (Associate only)

Join our Asia Pacific Equity Research team and contribute to research that guides our decisions and provides critical insights to our clients.

Global Markets: Sales and Trading (Analyst and Associate)

Accelerate you career, while gaining valuable insight into Global Markets - Sales and Trading during an internship with our Asia Pacific Global Markets team.

Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Analyst and Associate)

Learn from some of the leading advisors and bankers in the industry as we help our clients raise capital and grow their businesses.

Technology (IT) (Analyst only)

Thrive in an environment based on innovation, technical excellence and creativity as part of our Technology team.


Our classic Internship Programs are designed to offer a real insight into our business.

Summer Internship

Start your career in financial services and gain real-world work experience with a Summer Internship.

Summer Associate Program in Private Banking

Gain real insight into our Private Banking and Wealth Management business by participating in one of the most in-depth internships in the financial services industry.