ILS Blog

Welcome to our Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies (CSILS) blog. This blog will provide you with useful articles and insights on various topics related to Insurance Linked Strategies (ILS). We aim to update you on current trends and developments in the market.

You can expect insightful and comprehensible posts authored by various experts in this field. As the blog evolves, it should serve as a library where you can find a range of educational and up-to-date information to better understand aspects and dynamics of the ILS and (re)insurance market.

We hope that this blog will not just be one-way communication and so we encourage you to send comments, feedback, and ideas which we will be happy to take into consideration as we create new content.

This blog is an extension of our CSILS webpage launched in 2017. It is the next step to further increase transparency by sharing our views and knowledge around the ever-evolving ILS and (re)insurance market.

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog and look forward to receiving your feedback and comments via the contact form.