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Index funds. Now also as ETFs.

Index Solutions
Index funds. Now also as ETFs.

Credit Suisse Index Solutions has specialized in indexed asset management since 1994. We harness knowledge, experience and technology to make select indices investable for our clients worldwide. Our commitment to maximum precision has made us one of the leading providers of index funds in Europe. Select exchange-traded funds (ETFs) now supplement our range of index funds.

Index funds and ETFs pursue a passive investment approach that replicates the fund’s reference index as precisely as possible. This means that the fund tracks the performance of the reference index.

What exactly sets Credit Suisse Index Funds (CSIF) apart?

Credit Suisse Index Funds, CSIF for short, stand out for the following benefits they provide:

  • They have a long-term performance track record, boast a high volume of fund assets and replicate indices with exacting precision.
  • They offer daily liquidity.
  • They minimize the overall cost of an investment, i.e. the cost of buying, holding and selling a fund over the chosen investment period.
What exactly sets Credit Suisse Index Funds (CSIF) apart?

Institutional investors have been putting their money in index funds for many years now in view of their broad diversification, excellent cost efficiency and low risk of benchmark tracking error.


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Optimal fund structures

Under the CSIF label, Credit Suisse Asset Management runs around 100 index funds established under the laws of Switzerland and Luxembourg with a combined total asset volume of over CHF 130 billion. Three of those funds are structured as ETFs under Irish law as of March 16, 2020.

Through our core business, index funds, we have the critical mass and possess the technology and expertise to now provide select ETFs as well.

Valerio Schmitz-Esser,
Head of Index Solutions

As Irish ETFs, these funds are eligible to benefit from a significantly reduced US withholding tax rate. These three CSIF ETFs can be traded at any time on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Deutsche Börse and the Borsa Italiana.

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Our superbly skilled team of portfolio managers and our state-of-the-art portfolio management and risk-monitoring technology enable us to provide you with high product quality at all times.

Our product specialists will be happy to help you with any questions about our index funds or your investment options.