Credit Suisse Asset Management is one of the largest commodities index managers. We offer enhanced and actively-managed indexed commodity portfolios.

Commodities have historically helped investors manage unexpected inflation risk. In addition, they are a source of diversification, generating returns that tend to be uncorrelated with either stocks or bonds. Overall, they have the potential to enhance risk-adjusted returns when included in an overall balanced portfolio.

Our New York based Commodities team uses quantitative and qualitative techniques to deliver efficient, cost-effective access to commodities. We offer enhanced and actively-managed indexed commodity portfolios, all backed by conservatively managed collateral portfolios.

Since 1994, our team has generated a strong track record of positive relative returns using a consistent, risk-managed approach. We oversee the second largest US commodities mutual funds, as well as one of the largest UCITS-compliant fund in Europe. As one of the top commodities index managers globally, our experience and expertise have allowed us to provide consistent and efficient access to an important asset class.


  • Historical performance indications and financial market scenarios are no reliable indicators of current or future performance.