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FAQ on Online Banking

Where can I find information on security in online and mobile banking?

At you will find current security information including a link to, where there are numerous recommendations (e.g. Protection from Phishing5 Security StepsSecure Passwords, Firewall Activation or Windows Update, etc.) to ensure the best possible security in online and mobile banking. 

Which browser is best suited for Online Banking?

Here is the relevant information on our recommendation.

How do I create a restricted user profile? 

You can further improve your security by using a restricted user profile (without admin rights) when surfing the internet and using Online Banking. You can create a restricted profile under "Start" ⇒ "Control panel" ⇒ "User accounts" → "Create new account" → "Restricted" → Open "Create account" (Windows XP).

How does contract grouping work? Do I have to input a second SecurID number per contract?    

No. The second ID is required per Online Banking session, irrespective of the number of attached Online Banking contracts.

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