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Retail Execution Services

Retail Execution Services

RES: The Standard in Retail Trading

Retail Execution Services (“RES”) is Credit Suisse’s suite of products and services tailored to the unique needs of US equity retail orders.

Retail brokers face a battery of challenges when executing orders in today’s markets: flickering quotes, small displayed size on the quote, a rapidly changing market structure, and an ever-expanding list of venues. RES addresses these challenges by providing a simple one-stop solution that delivers immediate liquidity combined with an efficient price discovery process. Our sophisticated algorithms and connectivity tools evaluate the market in real-time, aggregating both displayed and non-displayed liquidity to allow us to provide our clients with enhanced pricing.

Our approach is focused on delivering execution quality by incorporating the following core elements:

  • Enhanced Liquidity: RES efficiently sources extensive liquidity for clients via principal capital commitment and RES inventory. In addition, RES uses smart order routing technology to access other internal and external pools of liquidity, including access to Crossfinder®.
  • Enhanced Price Improvement: RES offers significant price improvement opportunities to retail orders by committing firm capital to improve upon displayed quotes and by obtaining fills from internal and external pools at prices better than the displayed quote.
  • Stability: RES's state of the art execution systems and a robust array of Credit Suisse support applications are all designed to provide a consistent, reliable destination for client orders.
  • Superior Client Service: RES builds on a 155-year tradition of top-notch service for Credit Suisse clients, and a long tradition of being a reliable partner.

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