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GCEM Client Risk Advisory

GCEM Client Risk Advisory

GCEM Client Risk Advisory provides consultative services to identify areas where there is a business case for change and assists clients in the implementation of foreign exchange risk management solutions.

GCEM Client Risk Advisory uses a comprehensive and analytical approach to help clients with services including:

  • Quantitative portfolio analysis
  • Independent review of portfolio management and operational procedures
  • Suggested controls or performance benchmarks
  • Training programmes to explore and deliver risk management solutions that meet each client's requirements

GCEM Client Risk Advisory offers a suite of products including:

1. Automated Execution of Operational FX Flows

  • Our market leading TCA tool is used to identify cost savings and how Credit Suisse can help implement operational change
  • We deploy automated solutions to address a range of needs such as the execution of small tickets, netting and white labeling for banks

2. Third Party Delivery of Restricted Currencies

  • For investors in Emerging Market securities, the delivery of restricted currencies is a process largely executed by custodians. We have developed working processes whereby we can offer clients third party FX trading for onshore delivery of restricted currencies
  • For corporates operating in Emerging Markets, the same processes are being extended to support the onshore delivery of restricted currencies related to import/export trades

3. ‘Hedge Right’ Optimization Tool

  • We have developed a tool to identify, quantify and support the development of management solutions, including overlay hedging, for the FX risk in clients’ portfolios
  • This approach is available for investors and corporates alike – we can focus on portfolio risk vs. return metrics and on accounting / regulatory / tax constraints

4. Solutions for Banks

  • We develop custom solutions to address the impact of FX risk on regulatory requirements and bank’s performance

Backed by Credit Suisse’s excellence in operations and risk management, together with its industry acclaimed execution capabilities, our experts are well positioned to provide risk management consultancy to help clients to meet their goals.

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