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ICD™: Intelligence and Critical Data™

Intelligence and critical data are the keys to being one step ahead. From managing risk, to finance and investments, Credit Suisse supports you globally with financial strength, stability and market-leading thinking.

We deliver insight, innovation and new ideas to partner with you in pursuing opportunities and delivering market-leading results.

Credit Suisse ICD™ is our comprehensive suite of client-focused services that keep you in touch with the information you need. We not only deliver the critical data but it is layered with our strategic thinking and market intelligence to give you a competitive edge. The Fixed Income team delivers an integrated information and leading-ideas approach, with a focus on helping you succeed.

Intelligence, insight, innovation and ideas

Credit Suisse is active in over 50 countries offering intelligence and critical data for decision making no matter what your business area or sector of interest. Whether you are a corporate or an institutional client, a bank or a government, whether your interest is in FX or commodities, in securitized products or rates, whether established or emerging markets. Credit Suisse can give you the knowledge and insights you need. Our aim is to bring you the most insightful analysis, actionable ideas and critical decision-making data in fixed income to serve your business.

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