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Corporate and Credit Products

Credit Suisse offers a full array of fixed income products and instruments to our clients, ranging from plain vanilla debt issues and credit research to fund-linked products, derivatives instruments, and structured products that address a customer's specific needs. Listed below are some of the products and services that the bank provides to its clients on a global basis.

Securitized Products

This unit trades, originates, securitizes, syndicates, underwrites and provides research for all forms of securities that are based on underlying pools of assets. The asset finance underwriting business handles securitizations for clients in every relevant industry sector, from autos and credit cards to franchise loans and intellectual property. Products traded include Pass-Throughs, CMO s, ARM s, ABS, CDO s, CMBS, Project Loans, and SBA s. The Group also provides conduit financing, investment grade CDO s and related products, and all relevant securitization research.

Listed Derivatives

Credit Suisse's Listed Derivatives Group is dedicated to providing institutional customers with innovative derivative product support worldwide. Our commitment to customer service, global execution capabilities, electronic trading and sophisticated analytics places us at the forefront of trading global listed derivatives.

Investment Grade Corporates

The Investment Grade Corporates business unit originates, syndicates, underwrites and trades investment grade domestic corporate and sovereign debt. In addition, the group trades short-term securities such as floating rate notes, both US and European commercial paper and non-convertible preferred stock. Local offices for this product group reside in New York, London and Tokyo. The products traded include Agencies, Medium Term Notes, Bank and Finance, Preferred Stocks, Commercial Paper, Projects/Slobs, Floaters, Utilities, Industrials, Yankees, and Eurobonds.

Credit Derivatives

The Developed Market Credit Derivatives Group trades and structures credit derivatives on Investment Grade and High Yield credits. The group is a leading dealer in both flow and structured products, helping to provide credit-hedging solutions to our clients. The group has an active and broad flow business which trades single-name credit default swaps (CDS) on over 800 individual credits, credit linked notes and index swaps. The main trading centers are New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Emerging Markets

Credit Suisse offers a full array of Emerging Market fixed income products and instruments to its clients. These products include sovereign and corporate securities, local currency derivative instruments and structured products that are tailored to meet investors’ risk/reward criteria in emerging market investments.

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