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  1. The Company Is a Family Affair

    The Company Is a Family Affair

    They seldom make headlines, and yet they employ four out of every ten workers in Switzerland: Family firms are a pillar of the Swiss economy. 

  2. "Passion is the key"

    "Passion is the key"

    Mark Sandmeier was the first person to be employed by He now spends his time helping young digital companies get on their feet.

  3. Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    His Midas touch prevails off court as well as on. Not only has he won 100 million US dollars in tennis prizes over the past two decades, Roger Federer has also struck gold in sponsoring, management and more – not always in a conventional way.

  4. Mark Cuban: "Data is the new gold"

    Mark Cuban: "Data is the new gold"

    Technology companies are constantly innovating. Credit Suisse supports them in a variety of ways, including its unique networking platform, the Credit Suisse Private Internet Company Summit.

  5. Gender Diversification. Europe in the Lead

    Gender Diversification. Europe in the Lead

    According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, companies with at least one female director generate 3.5 percent higher compound excess return than the ones run by male-only boards.

  6. Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Executives CS Sector-specific solutions Lawyers Notaries

    Advice from Entrepreneurs & Executives Desks

    Because entrepreneurs' personal and business assets are so tightly intertwined, Credit Suisse offers them advice from a single source through its Entrepreneurs & Executives desks (E&E desks): Advisory teams comprised of a private client advisor and a corporate client advisor meet a wide range of client needs and help clients to optimize their portfolio structure.

  7. Supporting Entrepreneurship That Binds Us
  8. The CSRI Academy Challenge 2017 Winner Announced

    The CSRI Academy Challenge 2017 Winner Announced

    The second edition of the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) Academy Challenge, a global initiative aimed at students and young graduates, has come to an end. This year, the contestants were challenged to elaborate on the future of politics. The topic proved to be popular among the young academics: 208 papers from 39 countries were submitted. Meet the winner of this year's challenge, Sergey Litvinenko.

  9. "I'm making Asia smaller"

    "I'm making Asia smaller"

    Tony Fernandes is one of Asia's best-known and most colorful entrepreneurs. With his budget airline, AirAsia, he has revolutionized the travel industry. We spoke with him about his childhood dreams, the business principle he considers most important and social capitalism.

  10. Millennials Drive Sustainability

    Millennials Drive Sustainability 

    Sustainability is a key concern for the millennials generation. Companies have to adapt processes and production practices to make their products sustainable and seize the opportunities this rapidly growing generation of consumers creates.