Campaign Zermatt


Credit Suisse is improving the financial forecast for Zermatt Bergbahnen.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Zermatt

Nestled beneath the world famous Matterhorn, the beautiful car-free village of Zermatt has been a popular ski resort every winter since 1847.

And now, thanks to a large investment, the winter season is longer – not only in the fall but also in the spring. The Matterhorn ski paradise has extended the winter ski season from September to late May thanks to the ability to produce snow no matter what the temperature.

Part of Zermatt Bergbahnen’s redevelopment has included the introduction of artificial snow systems, to ensure that there is fresh snow on the resort’s upper slopes. On the glacier skiers can even test their skills on more than 21 km of slopes 365 days a year.

And this is possible at no cost to the environment. The entire resort has been designed to be incredibly eco friendly. The resort’s Matterhorn Glacier Paradise restaurant and shop has an integrated photovoltaic solar system that makes it totally energy self-sufficient.

Extensive tree planting has helped offset the resort’s carbon footprint.

And throughout the resort’s ambitious expansion, Credit Suisse helped it weather the ever changing economic climate. As a close partner of Zermatt Bergbahnen for decades, Credit Suisse has helped it to finance cable cars, chairlifts, and – now – snow systems.