Campaign Akris


Credit Suisse is building a sound financial foundation for Arkis.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Akris

Albert Kriemler, the creative force behind Akris, has a distinctive design aesthetic, with clear shapes and simple lines fundamental to his collections. His approach to fashion has been described as architectural, the process of creation starting with material.

Designing with the experience of the woman in mind, Kriemler’s ability to understand the place where fashion and comfort co-exist, and his use of luxurious materials has made Akris coveted by women around the globe.

And in almost every respect, Kriemler’s fashion house has experienced a far-reaching evolution from the company founded 90 years ago by Kriemler’s grandmother.

Unchanged since 1922, Akris today is still based in the Swiss town of St Gallen, where Alice Kriemler-Schoch laid the foundations to the family business 9 decades ago, with little more than a sewing machine.

And there’s one other constant that has helped the company grow to the world renowned name in fashion.

The name of the bank that has always advised and supported Akris, Credit Suisse.