Campaign Oxygen


Credit Suisse is helping Oxygen make fossil fuels history.

About the partnership between Credit Suisse and Oxygen

Since Oxygen S.p.A. was first formed in 2000, the company has been on a mission: to create a lightweight electric scooter that has a lower impact on the environment.

Figuring that the greater the number of low-emission scooters, the greater the benefit to the environment, the company set about developing a delivery scooter for the fleet market. It launched the CargoScooter in 2004.

Oxygen continued to develop the scooter, changing its battery technology to lithium ion and launching a new, improved all-electric model in 2006.

Success quickly followed, with Oxygen winning a contract to provide CargoScooters for the Belgian Postal Service. And winning a world medal for Corporate Responsibility.

Further contracts were won in the following years, and Oxygen S.p.A. now provides CargoScooters for the national postal services of no fewer than 12 countries ­– including Switzerland.

Oxygen is leaving the fossil fuel era behind. And Credit Suisse has helped deliver.