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A Tailored Service From Start to Finish.

We offer a choice of approaches, geared to your preferred way of working and your investment style.

Discretionary - Investment Service

If you'd rather not keep on top of markets and weigh every investment decision yourself, then a Discretionary Mandate is likely to be right for you. We have a selection of mandates depending on your individual strategy, such as attitude to risk and long-term goals. Our specialists continuously monitor market developments on your behalf. Your personal relationship manager then adjusts your portfolio to take these developments into account. Naturally, all changes are made in line with your previously agreed investment strategy. You also receive continuous updates on your performance.

Investment Advisory Service

If you like watching the markets, evaluating economic research, and making all your investment decisions independently, then our Investment Advisory Service is appropriate for you. With it, you receive support from us throughout the entire investment process. This includes not just your relationship manager but also a personal investment consultant - a local expert directly available to you. Together, they act as your gateway to Credit Suisse's global network and our comprehensive investment solutions.

As well as our different portfolio management approaches, we develop personalised financing solutions within the framework of our in-depth financial advisory services.

Discretionary Investment Service Investment Advisory Service
You neither have the time, expertise, or desire to make all your own investment decisions. You prefer to make your own investment decisions, but want our in-depth support.
You delegate your portfolio management to us.
You manage your portfolio with our advice.
We manage your assets according to your agreed strategy and financial goals. We provide you with market information and decision-making support.

Your benefits:

  • Your investments are managed by experienced professionals.
  • You set the parameters for your investment activity.
  • You benefit from our best investment ideas.
  • You do not need to constantly monitor markets.
  • You have more time to concentrate on your other priorities.
  • You stay on top of your situation with regular performance reports.

Your benefits:

  • You retain direct control of your portfolio.
  • You receive professional opinions on your investment ideas.
  • You benefit from our latest investment research and recommendations.

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