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Market and Economic Research

Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions.

As a Discretionary or Advisory client of Credit Suisse, you'll have access to our latest market and economic research from around the world: from equities to fixed income, countries to commodities.

We Will Help You to:

  • interpret our research
  • take advantage of opportunities that interest you
  • avoid investments that are too risky or complex for your needs

Your Benefits:

  • up-to-date financial information
  • the ability to make informed investment decisions

Global Investor Our award-winning publication, addressing major global themes with in-depth analysis and investment ideas. Published quarterly in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
Global Economic Strategy Group Report Summarises the views of our senior economists, strategists, and investment professionals on developments in the global economy and financial markets.
Published monthly in English.
Research Monthly Our main investment strategy publication, providing strategy views and top investment ideas for each asset class and six different regions.
Published in nine languages.
Research Weekly Our weekly strategy publication, providing strategy views and theme-based investment ideas for each asset class.
Investment Ideas Our theme-driven research publications which focus on top investment ideas for different asset classes.
Company Notes Regular company updates on around 800 stocks listed throughout the world.

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