General Information

Equity Client Commission Arrangements

The Investment Banking Division of Credit Suisse has one of the largest equity Client Commission Arrangement (CCA) platforms in the industry. Our high-ranked global structure coupled with our reputation for exceptional service, reliability and competitive rates has made us a top choice for the Commission Sharing (CSA) and CCA needs of the investment advisor community.

An investment manager who trades for a CCA/CSA receives:

  • The same sales coverage the client would receive for their normal trading activity;
  • The same quality execution services;
  • Access to the bank's global network of traders; and
  • Access to Credit Suisse Investment Banking Division's global research library.

In addition to our normal confirmation process:

  • Clients receive a monthly status report detailing all trades and payments for the month and year-to-date. Domestic and International trades are combined on one statement for easy review and analysis.
  • Information is also available on our website, which is updated daily. You will be provided with an access code and password that will allow for 24-hour access to all account information.
  • Our website also provides a download facility, allowing our clients the ability to transfer trade details into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for easy reconciliation.
  • Of course the CCA department stands ready to perform the monthly trade reconciliation process on behalf of our clients.

Our reputation for exceptional service, reliability and competitive ratios makes Credit Suisse the bank of choice for the CCA/CSA needs of the investment advisor community.

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