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Optimizing the needs of issuers and investors

Credit Suisse is a leader in the convertibles market, recognized both for deep-seated expertise and the ability to craft complex, custom solutions for issuers and investors. We combine creativity, flexibility with execution prowess, and the willingness to put our balance sheet behind our clients.

For issuers, we originate, structure and distribute transactions of all sizes, using our in-depth knowledge of primary and secondary markets around the world to provide timely intelligence and informed insight. Before bringing a deal to market, we conduct exhaustive research and analyze a full range of structures and timing options. To each transaction we bring a rigorous approach that considers multiple factors, including the credit-worthiness of the issuer, the maturity profile, the type of coupon and conversion premium, and the details of call protection. 

For investors, we serve as a trusted guide to the most appropriate issues and as a facilitator of meaningful dialogues with senior management. As a result, investors can expect a high degree of execution certainty, realistic pricing and issues.

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