Economy & Society Commitments in the Americas

Commitments in the Americas

Corporate Citizenship programs in the Americas feature investments aligned with the bank's global efforts, with an emphasis on education and employee engagement.

The Credit Suisse Americas Foundation is the vehicle through which funding is provided in the region. The Foundation is inspired by the long-standing commitment of Credit Suisse and its employees to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Our desire to increase opportunities for young people fuels our investment in education. In addition, the commitment and hands-on involvement of our employees helps to strengthen nonprofits through volunteer support and funding. The Instituto Credit Suisse Hedging-Griffo carries out these efforts in Brazil, with a focus on addressing the social challenges in the country, particularly education.


The Americas Education Program supports high performing schools and programs developing excellent teachers and school leaders through long-term, targeted investments. To ensure our efforts are focused and measurable, we concentrate on two specific areas – investing in schools that represent materially better alternatives for students, and investing in the recruitment and retention of effective teachers and school leaders.

Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement work strengthens nonprofits by providing a comprehensive range of volunteer support and funding. We help employees lend their time and talent to the causes they care about and we work with our partner organizations to identify projects that address authentic needs in the community. As part of this work we offer a signature, skills-based volunteer opportunity to support employees who serve or are looking to serve on a nonprofit board.


Through the Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative, Credit Suisse works with microfinance institutions to strengthen their ability to serve the increasingly diverse financial needs of clients living at the base of the income pyramid. In the Americas, projects include, among others, the establishment of Accion's action-oriented think tank, the Center for Financial Inclusion, in Washington DC, as well as the design and execution of the Leadership and Diversity in Innovation Program for executives in the microfinance industry and beyond in partnership with Women's World Banking. In addition to financial support, Credit Suisse provides employee expertise and know-how through its internal Microfinance Advocates Network, the Credit Suisse Virtual Volunteers and the Global Citizens Program.

For detailed information see the Corporate Responsibility Report on page 30.