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Credit Suisse Research Institute

The Credit Suisse Research Institute identifies and provides insights on global themes and trends. The objective of the Research Institute is to provide our clients with leading-edge insights by leveraging internal and external expertise, thus reinforcing our integrated global bank approach.

The Institute was established in December 2008 to explore new emerging or influential topics. Working with some of the world’s most distinguished experts, academics, institutions and Credit Suisse’s global network of 400 analysts, the Institute makes this information available throughout the bank for the business units to create innovative products, solutions and services for Credit Suisse’s clients.

Clients increasingly require global reach, local expertise and competitive products and services from the financial services industry. The Institute’s investigations are conducted with the goal to furnish clients across divisions and regions with an in-depth analysis of fundamental social, economic, scientific, environmental and demographic trends that are expected to impact global markets in the future.

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