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Equity Sales & Trading

Equity Sales & Trading

Equity Sales

Equity salespeople possess thorough product knowledge of Credit Suisse research, offerings, and services, and have a clear understanding of the investment style and needs of each client. Based on this knowledge and understanding, we are able to customize Credit Suisse's large product flow and identify opportunities for clients seeking to improve their investment returns. Clients include mutual funds, investment advisors, banks, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions around the world.

Equity Trading

We execute client and proprietary orders and make markets in listed and over-the-counter cash securities, as well as convertible and derivative securities. Credit Suisse provides liquidity to the market through both capital commitment and risk management.

Equity Sales Trading

We represent institutional accounts in the equity marketplace by serving as the communication conduit between clients and equity traders. We also provide clients with research, trading ideas and capital commitment. Our sales traders act as the "eyes and ears" of their clients in the equity marketplace by identifying trends in the marketplace and providing market color to clients. Credit Suisse sales traders work with clients in order to obtain the best and most effective execution for their orders.

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