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  1. Which Way to a Multipolar World?

    Which Way to a Multipolar World?

    Events of the previous year, such as Brexit or the election of Donald Trump, seem to have marked the end of globalization as we know it. The world development is set to change. Will we observe the rise of multiple regional powers? Credit Suisse Research Institute in their latest report takes a look at the shift towards a multipolar world.

  2. The Dark Side of Digitalization

    The Dark Side of Digitalization

    Globalization and digitization make IT systems vulnerable to attack. Investing in security is therefore essential, and hackers can actually help in this regard.

  3. The Age of Cryptofinance

    The Age of Cryptofinance

    Although the hype around bitcoin and blockchain – the public ledger that records bitcoin transactions – is now receding, the next generation of cryptofinance technologies is already moving ahead and applying the lessons learned. 

  4. Millennials Drive Sustainability

    Millennials Drive Sustainability 

    Sustainability is a key concern for the millennials generation. Companies have to adapt processes and production practices to make their products sustainable and seize the opportunities this rapidly growing generation of consumers creates. 

  5. Forget Bitcoin, but Remember Blockchain?

    Forget Bitcoin, but Remember Blockchain?

    The most obvious potential use for blockchain technology is the one that already exists – payment systems. But there is much more to blockchain than this. 

  6. Emerging Markets Offer Unique Opportunities

    Emerging Markets Offer Unique Opportunities

    Despite slower growth: Emerging markets remain of key importance for the Swiss financial center.

  7. Switzerland: Broadening Recovery

    Switzerland: Broadening Recovery

    The Swiss economy is expected to grow by 1.5 percent in 2017. While more and more export sectors are regaining their competitiveness, the domestic economy lacks growth momentum. With the inflation rate likely to turn positive, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is expected to reduce its currency purchases in the course of the year.

  8. Is Bitcoin Safe?

    Is Bitcoin Safe?

    Bitcoin isn't mainstream, and it may never be. And yet it would be unwise to ignore it. Some $14.9 billion worth of bitcoins were in circulation in January 2017, and blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin, has attracted plenty of attention for its disruptive potential in banking, trading, and even media. So how safe is bitcoin?

  9. Donald Trump's Trade Policy Options

    Donald Trump's Trade Policy Options

    So far, there has been little clarity as to which specific trade policies the new president will introduce, but given how high trade ranks on his agenda, this will likely change quickly. But what actual powers does a US president have in the area of trade, and what measures might Mr. Trump implement?

  10. Location Zug: At the Top, but the Lead Is Narrowing

    Location Zug: At the Top, but the Lead Is Narrowing

    Zug is a successful canton. According to the new regional study by Credit Suisse, one of Zug's main competitive advantages, its low corporate taxes, is likely to fade over the next few years. Rival locations will catch up. The canton of Zug is also running a budget deficit, and eating into its reserves.