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Multi Asset Class Solutions

Fixed Income


Global Balanced

Global Fixed Income

Global Equity

Australian Balanced

Australian Fixed Income

International Equity

European Balanced

European Fixed Income

Emerging Markets Equity

Japanese Balanced

Japanese Fixed Income

Asian Equity

Swiss Balanced

Swiss Fixed income

Australian Equity

UK Balanced

UK Fixed Income

European Equity

US Balanced

US Fixed Income

Indexed Equity


High Yield

Enhanced Index Equity


Convertible Bonds

Japanese Equity


Target Return

Swiss Equity


Enhanced Cash

UK Equity


Money Market

US Equity

Alternative Investments

Other Investments and Services

Structured Debt Products

Exchange Traded Funds

Currency Overlay

Multi Manager Service

Active Currency Alpha

Swiss Investment Advisory

Real Estate

Transition Management

Hedge Fund of Funds

Distribution Management

Swiss Real Estate Hedge Funds Private Equity

Exchange Funds

Total Commodity Return

Global Tactical Asset Allocation

Volatility Management

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