Banking Accessibility


Accessible Banking Services.

Access to our products and services should be as easy as possible for all our clients. Credit Suisse therefore aims to provide the highest level of accessibility for people with vision, hearing and mobility impairments. This applies to its branches as well as its ATMs, web pages, online banking, account statements, and advisory process. To enable Credit Suisse to offer all its clients a service that is tailored to them and their needs – including when dealing with people with disabilities – we provide our employees with continuous training to raise their awareness of issues.

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The Easy Way to User-friendly Banking

It is important to us to provide our clients with easy access to our branches and ATMs. For this reason Credit Suisse has been applying comprehensive standards for new and renovated buildings since 2008 in order to make them accessible to disabled and elderly clients.

Access to our branches and counters is designed so that people with limited mobility do not encounter any obstacles. Credit Suisse is also gradually adapting its ATMs as part of branch renovations to provide accessibility.

A list of the locations of these modified ATMs can be found here.

ATMs with Voice Functions

Around 500 talking ATMs are available across Switzerland for people with impaired vision, making it easier for them to withdraw money or check their account balance. The speech output, which is available in German, French, Italian and English, is activated automatically when the client puts on the headphones. Audio instructions guide the client through the process. The ATMs have tactile function keys and are marked with a headphone symbol.

ATMs at a Convenient Height

There are over 50 lower ATMs at selected locations in Switzerland with a keyboard just 84 cm above ground level. This means that wheelchair users can also use the machines easily. ATMs of this kind are marked with the relevant symbol.

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Review Your Transactions: Point by Point

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We offer bank statements in large print (15dpi) or braille to clients with limited vision. This service is available for short-form account statements, itemized account statements, standard account statements, and daily statements. In addition to this free service, our clients continue to receive their normal account statements.

We Speak to All Our Clients – Even with the Help of Sign Language and Inductive Hearing Loop Systems


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Deaf clients have the option to have a sign language interpreter present at personal consultations twice a year, free of charge. In this way, Credit Suisse aims to ensure that we take the concerns of deaf people seriously and are able to give them the best possible advice.

We provide mobile inductive hearing loop systems in the lobby of every branch also for personal consultations with clients who have hearing difficulties. People with such an impairment can conduct a discreet and confidential conversation with counter staff and client advisors using a hearing device or cochlear implant (CI) (switch to channel T on the hearing aid or CI), but also without such an aid (i.e. with the help of the listener).

Clients who are directly affected will have their attention drawn to the new service by means of a pictogram at the entrance as well as at the counter.

Information for the Deaf by Phone

Deaf clients can obtain information from Credit Suisse and conduct simple transactions by phone through the use of an intermediary from the Procom Foundation. The client authorizes the intermediary to put the query to Credit Suisse and to inform him or her of the response afterwards. This makes it possible to query an account balance or order paying-in slips, for example. Clients can request this service at any branch.

Accessibility Is Important – Particularly over the Internet and in Online Banking

Credit Suisse's current online offering has been made as accessible as possible in accordance with national and international standards. This means that thanks to technical tools such as screen readers, braille displays, and large-font software, people with visual impairments can use our online services to the widest possible extent. Moreover, Credit Suisse's websites and applications have been implemented in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) wherever possible, and offer all clients the utmost user-friendliness.

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