Corporate Sponsorship


Sponsorship has long been a cornerstone of the Credit Suisse corporate strategy. As in every area of our business, the emphasis here is on quality, sustainability, and partnership.

Passion and Pursuit of Excellence

Credit Suisse cooperates on sponsorships with select institutions. Some, such as the National Gallery in London and the Bolshoi Theatre, are household names all over the world. Others are primarily of regional and national importance. These include the Swiss Football Association with all of its national teams, the Lucerne Festival, and the Kunstmuseum Bern. As brand ambassador for the bank, Roger Federer enjoys special status. However, regardless of how well known they may be, or the field in which they work, all our sponsorship partners have one thing in common: their passion for what they do, and their pursuit of excellence – an ethos that we share at Credit Suisse.

Focusing on Long-Term Partnerships

Sponsorship has been a firm feature of our corporate and communications strategy for more than 40 years, with culture and sports as the focus of our activities. In the cultural sphere, the main thrust of our sponsorship is supporting individuals, organizations, and institutions from classical music and the fine arts, from around the globe. In sports sponsorship, which is more nationally oriented, the key areas are football, golf, and equestrianism. Roger Federer, who has been a global ambassador for Credit Suisse since 2009, occupies a very special position.

Nurturing Young Talent

We recognize that in order to make it to the top in sports and culture talent needs to be nurtured and supported from a very early age. As such, developing young talent is an integral part of the Credit Suisse sponsorship strategy. In football, for example, half the sponsorship funding for the Swiss Football Association is invested in coaching gifted young players. This is clearly paying off: The Swiss squad won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2010, and the U-21s were runners-up in the 2011 European Championship, proving that Switzerland's young footballers definitely have what it takes.

Credit Suisse Sponsorship: Extraordinary Commitment – Strong Emotions
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