Employer Talent Development

Talent Development

By providing comprehensive training and continuing professional development for our employees, we ensure that the quality of our service and advice continues to evolve while taking market requirements into account. Our Leadership & Professional Development area offers employees continuous training and development opportunities. The various learning programs available are designed to strengthen the competences of our employees and to prepare talented individuals for key roles within the organization.

Quality Assurance in Client Advisory Services

Leadership & Professional Development specialist units work with the different business areas to develop development initiatives and training programs designed to train employees, managers, and young talents to be professional and reliable partners for our clients.

Ensuring a high level of client satisfaction is essential to our business. We want to make sure that our products and services meet the needs of our clients and that we enjoy their sustained trust through professional and comprehensive advice.

Client Advisor Programs

Enhanced Advisory Quality: Certification of Relationship Managers

Our employee training and development programs enable us to enhance the quality of our service and advisory offering and to continuously adapt our business to evolving market and client needs. Our One Curriculum training program provides a comprehensive onboarding plan for our employees in our Swiss Universal Bank and International Wealth Management divisions, offering information and training about specific products, solutions and advisory, as well as giving an insight into compliance and risk. Our Conduct and Ethics Standards are also an integral part of this onboarding program.

Since 2017, our front-facing employees have been required to complete the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) certification. This intensifies the cooperation between Swiss banks and institutions in the area of professional development. To date, around 1,900 Credit Suisse employees have obtained SAQ certification and more than 500 candidates are currently going through the certification process.

Committed to Compliance and Control

Maintaining a robust compliance and control culture is another important way in which we gain the trust of clients, as well as investors and regulators. At Credit Suisse, we strive to conduct our activities according to the highest standards of due diligence and in strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in all our markets globally. We expect each employee to be personally accountable for ensuring the activities within their remit are compliant with our internal rules and policies and for reporting or escalating issues of concern.

Conduct and Ethics Standards

The way we interact with clients, external stakeholders and each other is of key importance for the delivery of our strategy. At the same time, shareholders, clients, employees, legislators and policymakers are focusing increasingly on the ethics, behavior and integrity of banks. We have therefore implemented a new governance framework that defines how we manage conduct and ethics at Credit Suisse. This framework includes a Group Conduct and Ethics Board (CEB) as well as dedicated divisional CEBs and a joint CEB for our corporate functions. In early 2017, we introduced a set of six Conduct and Ethics Standards to the broader organization to ensure a common understanding and consistent expectations in respect of our culture and conduct. The initiative is sponsored by the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of Credit Suisse, underscoring its strategic importance to the bank.

Our Conduct and Ethics Standards are embedded into our core HR processes, such as performance management, recruitment, promotion, development and disciplinary process. The Executive Board has participated in a series of videos offering their endorsement and views on each of the standards to all employees. Additionally, with the introduction of the Credit Suisse Employee Award based on our Conduct and Ethics Standards, we seek to recognize employee engagement and drive further implementation of these behavioral standards throughout the bank.

Credit Suisse offers its employees a wide range of training programs involving traditional classroom instruction, e-learning, video-based courses and online learning communities. Additionally, employees can complete training programs on their mobile devices, enhancing the user experience and offering short training sessions. In 2017, we launched over 70 new mandatory e-learning programs for regulatory topics such as financial crime, operational risk management, and compliance with our Conduct and Ethics Standards.

Our relationship managers complete courses on cross-border business activities as well as on changing EU requirements such as the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II. In 2017, each employee completed at least six mandatory training modules, depending on their area of responsibility.

Talent Development Key Figures

In 2017, we offered our employees around the globe a wide range of specialist courses and trainings.



classroom leadership training sessions


participants in instructor-led courses


classroom-delivered training days


thousand participants in e-learning courses


young people in education benefited from a structured training

Leadership Development

Leading by example is of key importance when it comes to promoting a strong corporate culture and the achievement of our business objectives. In 2017, we introduced a new approach to develop our leaders. One of its key components is the Management Excellence Program, a mandatory program for all new managers in the bank. In addition, a global and cross-divisional curriculum provides targeted leadership development opportunities for experienced managers. All new programs are based on the Conduct and Ethics Standards and our Credit Suisse-specific leadership model, the Leadership Code. Both curriculum components provide a framework for expected leadership behavior, help to build the leadership culture at Credit Suisse and foster the development of leadership skills. The programs encompass a blend of modular classroom training, e-learning, mentoring and coaching, work in study groups, assessments and networking opportunities.

A Culture of Performance and Development

Our employees' performance objectives are aligned with the bank's strategy, which places clients at the center of all we do. We measure our employees' performance based on their contribution to the achievement of our business goals. In 2017, we replaced the existing competency model with the new Conduct and Ethics Standards to ensure employee performance is measured against our expectations in respect of conduct and culture. Our globally consistent performance management process better enables line managers to assess the performance, behavior and the development potential of employees on an annual basis. In 2017, we again assessed the potential of our employees in order to effectively manage our pool of talent and support individual development. Line managers complete various training courses in which they learn how to give team members the best possible support to achieve their professional objectives.

We offer our employees market-driven and competitive rates of pay based on performance-related compensation structures. In doing so, we not only take account of employee interests but also consider our obligations towards our shareholders and regulators. Our compensation plans are aligned with our strategic ambitions and developed in close consultation with shareholders and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Investing in Young Talent

We provide a wide range of attractive opportunities for young professionals and graduates who are interested in pursuing a career at Credit Suisse. Junior hires receive specific training, mentoring and career advice, aiding their transition to full-time employment. An example is our award-winning Steps to Success program, now in its fifth intake, which offers university scholarship funding for UK and US students from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds. Credit Suisse collaborates with leading universities around the world to source graduate talent. We deliver university courses including the Financial Risk Analytics and Business Management course at BITS Pilani, India, and we conduct interactive webinars such as case studies on impact investing and sustainability investments delivered by experts from our Asia Pacific division to prospective campus recruits studying at universities globally. Additionally, we develop and support our youngest employees. Credit Suisse apprentices went on assignment to Wroclaw, Shanghai and New York in 2017 to work on projects and to increase their multicultural competencies. In 2017, we also ran coding competitions around the globe to encourage the best developers to embark on a career in financial technology. In our Swiss home market, where Credit Suisse is one of the country's biggest employers, we offer opportunities for a large number of young people who are interested in starting a career in banking.

Population of Young Talents and Campus Recruits in Our Swiss Home Market in 2017


students in a Career Start Program


internships (from 12 weeks to 6 months)


Young Talents (commercial and IT apprentices, HMS and Junior Banker)


high school graduates


commercial and IT apprentices

We also have various programs to help young people from minorities to enter a career in finance; these programs are run in the US and Australia.