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Employee Engagement

We encourage all our employees to volunteer for charitable projects. Together with selected partner organizations we address social issues in all the regions in which we operate.

By giving employees the opportunity to dedicate up to four working days on full pay to assist with charitable projects we enhance the value of our financial contributions and actively help to tackle social challenges. Credit Suisse is convinced that employee volunteering creates mutual benefits. By participating in the projects run by our partner organizations, we can gain a better insight into the needs of the people in the communities in which we live and work and build mutual trust. At the same time, these activities further enhance the interpersonal skills of our people and promote team spirit – ultimately strengthening our corporate culture.

Volunteering Worldwide – Selected Figures for 2017


partners receiving both funding and skills-based volunteering support


countries in which our partners are active



Global Citizens Program (GCP)

The Global Citizens Program (GCP) is Credit Suisse's flagship international skills-based volunteering program. Designed to promote the transfer of skills and expertise between employees and social organizations, the GCP provides employees with the opportunity to leverage and develop their talents while at the same time building the capacity of our partner organizations in the areas of education and financial inclusion. Assignments in this leadership development program last from one week to three months and have become an important component of the bank’s learning and development offering.

Since its launch in 2010, more than 305 employees have gone on assignment in 50 countries around the globe and  have shared their expertise with our partners on the ground – including strategy and product development as well as coaching for employees and managers. They have provided valuable insights to our partners, who are often confronted with challenges due to factors such as rapid expansion or the need to develop new offerings. The learning process often goes both ways for employees and partners participating in the GCP. The Global Citizens Program has also been integrated into our employee training and talent programs to develop leadership and other skills.

GCP in the Area of Education

In 2017, 28 Credit Suisse volunteers were sent to 15 countries to complete training and education assignments with our partners from the Global Education Initiative and the EMEA Foundation as well as the ICRC. The volunteers performed a broad range of tasks from developing a marketing strategy and communications materials to strengthening HR or financial management systems.

Global Citizens Program

Launched in 2010, our Global Citizens Program allows suitably qualified employees to use their expertise to make a direct contribution on the ground to projects run by our global partner organizations, mostly in emerging economies and developing countries.

GCP in the Area of Financial Inclusion

In 2017, 20 of our employees were deployed with five of our financial inclusion partner organizations in 13 countries for a period of up to three months. Assignments focused on implementing best practices in areas such as cash and risk management, credit scoring and client research to support our partners in achieving their social and financial goals.

Virtual Volunteering Program

Virtual Volunteering enables a greater number of interested employees to utilize their expertise and enthusiasm to support our microfinance and education partner organizations without having to take extended leave from personal or professional commitments. The program was first developed in collaboration with the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion and has now evolved to include several partners in both the Global Education Initiative and the Financial Inclusion Initiative. Volunteers can contribute a broad range of skills, from online research to web design, HR, strategy and market analysis.

Virtual Volunteering offers significant benefits for the partner organizations as well as for individual employees. The organization gets access to highly trained Credit Suisse professionals with diverse skills (e.g. project management, writing, research, financial know how, etc.) and an outside perspective for the completion of a specific project – free of charge. The employee gets a unique opportunity to work with leading experts in the field, contribute to a valuable and actionable end product and establish contact with other employees across the various divisions bank. It is also a chance to learn different ways of working, across borders, while advancing our corporate citizenship goals.