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  1. millennials-better-than-their-reputation

    Millennials: Better Than Their Reputation

    Millennials have a reputation for being not very interested in the world around them. But this is wrong: People aged 20 to 37 could help to create a better future.

  2. They Know What They're Doing

    They Know What They're Doing

    Young people and digital media are a phenomenon that parents find disconcerting and that keep an army of (adult) specialists on their toes. But young people themselves know quite well how to protect their privacy – it's the adults who have some catching up to do.

  3. Credit Suisse Youth Barometer 2016: A Closer Look at "Generation Stress"

    Credit Suisse Youth Barometer 2016:
    A Closer Look at "Generation Stress"

    They are known as "Generation Stress." They want it all in life, are constantly online, and always searching for the latest app. At the same time, however, young people are living in an age of political upheaval, where political information is disseminated and discussed increasingly on the internet. Accordingly, the focus of this year's study rests on politics online.

  4. Jobs, Finances, and Careers

    Jobs, Finances, and Careers

    The challenging economic environment of recent years has left its mark. Young people have growing financial worries. Nonetheless, the current generation of 16- to 25-year-olds also have very clear expectations with regard to jobs, finances, and careers.

  5. Roundtable: "Social media is like a playground"

    Roundtable: "Social media is like a playground"

    Two politicians and a journalism professor discuss the Youth Barometer's findings on the role of social media in the political process, e-voting and the US election.

  6. Politics Online

    Politics Online

    Because we are currently living in politically active times, the focus of this year's survey is "Politics online". The Internet makes politics more personal and more engaging – but information can also be manipulated.

  7. Communication


    WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram – if you want to find out more about young people, you need to know how they communicate. However, there are some surprising differences between the countries covered by the survey. Snapchat is the hot new arrival this year.

  8. Trends and Media

    Trends and Media

    Young people's lives are shaped by digital, mobile, and social interaction. If there had to be one symbol for the young generation, it would probably be the smartphone.

  9. "We are in attentional disarray"

    "We are in attentional disarray"

    Although we are continually connected online, we have lost the ability to talk to one another, says sociologist Sherry Turkle. She was one of the first researchers to study digital culture. Today, she takes a critical view of the impact of increasing connectedness.

  10. Trends and Media

    Digital, mobile, and social interaction molds the zeitgeist of young people. Trends and media (this year's core issue) are closely linked. If we were to choose a symbol to represent today's youth, it would have to be the smartphone.