Global Wealth Report Raw Video Material for Media Outlets

Raw Video Material for Media Outlets

Video snippets with Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe, Head Investment Strategy & Research, and Michael O'Sullivan, Credit Suisse Chief Investment Officer, International Wealth Management, focusing on certain topics to be used by media outlets.

Wealth Trends Globally

The US continued its unbroken spell of gains since the financial crisis, bolstered by strong market conditions. It added USD 8.5 trillion to the stock of global wealth, which is half of the wealth generated globally over the 12 months to mid-2017.

Stability in Europe enabled wealth growth of 6.4% across the continent, in line with global wealth growth. Four Eurozone countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain) made it to the top ten countries with the biggest gains in absolute terms.

Switzerland once again ranked as the global leader in terms of both average and median wealth per adult in 2017.

Property and Median Wealth

Median wealth has risen in most regions, while remaining below the peak level of 2007. Only China has reached a new median wealth high. The top ten ranking by median wealth corresponds closely to the ranking by mean wealth, although lower-than-average inequality promotes Italy and Japan to a place among the top ten.


This year's report focuses in on Millennials and their wealth accumulation prospects. Overall the data point to a "Millennial disadvantage", comprising among others tighter mortgage rules, growing house prices, increased income inequality and lower income mobility, which holds back wealth accumulation by young workers and savers in many countries. However, bright spots remain, with a recent upsurge in the number of Forbes billionaires below the age of 30 and a more positive picture in China and other emerging markets.

Wealth Outlook

Global wealth should continue to grow at a similar pace to the last half a decade (3.9% expected and 3.8% recorded over last five years), albeit at a slower rate than the previously estimated 5.4%. Based on this updated forecast, global wealth is anticipated to reach USD 341 trillion by 2022.