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Investment Outlook 2016 brings you in-depth research insights on a wide range of topics, regions and asset classes. Credit Suisse experts highlight their outlook for capital markets, views on strategic and tactical asset allocation, and provide their take on the most pressing issues affecting investors today, including key risk factors in 2016, liquidity and the future of emerging markets.

Through all the market traumas of recent years – the crises in Greece, slowdown scares in China, US political gridlock, the collapse in oil prices, the wars and the migrant flows – investors prepared to weather short-term volatility have seen handsome returns on developed economy equities since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008, with euro and US dollar investors seeing only one modestly down year in 2011.

Temporary traumas could come from the Fed, lower bond liquidity, China or geopolitics. But the underlying picture is of global expansion.

Giles Keating