Campaign Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Tennis Player. Role Model. Global Brand Ambassador.

In a career that has so far spanned almost two decades, Roger Federer has become the most honored tennis player in history.

He puts his success down to hard work, determination and focus in the heat of competition. And it's these attributes that make him the perfect Global Ambassador for Credit Suisse. It would be hard to find anyone who epitomises our ethos and values better than Roger Federer.

He's been our Global Ambassador since 2009, and in return for his commitment to us, we've pledged to support the Roger Federer Foundation's important work in Malawi with $1 million a year until 2019.

Roger Federer

Tennis player. Role model. Global Brand Ambassador.

But there's more to our relationship than that. We've partnered with Roger throughout his stellar career. We were there when he picked up his first Grand Slam trophy in 2003, and his first Wimbledon Boy's title in 1998. And we were there before he even picked up his first tennis racket.

We're proud to say that our relationship with Roger Federer, the world's most honored tennis player, began the day his parents opened an account for him, when he was born.