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The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

Two great minds are brought together in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.

Credit Suisse is proud to partner with the National Gallery to present
The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo & Sebastiano. The exhibition explores the pair's competitive and often complex friendship, and reveals an intense relationship that helped to create true masterpieces in High Renaissance Rome. This collaboration endured over 25 years and was born out of a shared vision.

Banner picture: Sebastiano del Piombo, after partial designs by Michelangelo
"Lamentation over the Dead Christ (Pietà)", about 1512-16. Oil on poplar, 248 × 190 cm. Museo Civico, Viterbo. © Comune di Viterbo

The exhibition focuses on their three main collaborations: the so-called Pietà, or Lamentation over the dead Christ, for S Francesco in Viterbo, The Raising of Lazarus, painted for the Cathedral in Narbonne, and the mural decorations of the Borgherini Chapel in the Roman church of San Pietro in Montorio. In addition to this, it includes many other works by both artists, most notably perhaps two original sculptures by Michelangelo, as well as a choice selection of drawings and examples of their fascinating and far-ranging correspondence. Taken together, these great works of art tell a story that is both epic in sweep and deeply personal.

The Borgherini Chapel was originally commissioned by Michelangelo's friend and broker, the Florentine banker Pierfrancesco Borgherini (1488–1558). The frescoes showing 'The Flagellation of Christ' and 'The Transfiguration' were painted by Sebastiano del Piombo. Michelangelo was to provide the designs, but left Rome for Florence after only providing drawings for the central 'Flagellation of Christ' and possibly a layout for the 'Transfiguration'.

Factum Arte recreated the Chapel using a lightweight steel construction clad in plywood, with aluminium panels, topped by a fibreglass dome. Here you can see them assembling the structure at the Factum Arte warehouse in Madrid.

The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

Reframing: The Raising of Lazarus