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  1. Claude. Landscape with Hagar and the Angel, 1646. Presented by Beaumont, 1828. © The National Gallery, London.

    Art Philanthropy: A Beau Geste From Beaumont

    Giving back to society has always been a key focus for Credit Suisse. So it was for art patron and philanthropist Sir George Beaumont who was instrumental in the founding of the National Gallery. Find out more about Beaumont and the beginnings of the National Gallery in London, the bank's long-term partner.

  2. J. M. W. Turner – A Man of Entrepreneurial Instinct

    J. M. W. Turner – 
    A Man of Entrepreneurial Instinct

    1856, the same year that Credit Suisse was founded, Joseph Mallord William Turner's collection of paintings was bequeathed to the British Nation. The National Gallery, long-term partner of Credit Suisse, inherited some of his most famous works. Turner was not only one of the greatest artists that Great Britain has ever produced, but also an exceptionally gifted businessman. Get to know the artist who embodied a sense of business that is very close to Credit Suisse's entrepreneurial mind-set of today.

  3. The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

    The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

    One of them is regarded as one of the most famous artists of art history; the other is just being rediscovered: Michelangelo Buonarroti and Sebastiano del Piombo. The National Gallery in London made the friendship between these two exceptional artists the focus of "The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo & Sebastiano". Credit Suisse has been a partner of the National Gallery since 2008 and is also supporting this exhibition – the first of its kind. 

  4. "The Show of the Decade" – Goya: The Portraits

    "The Show of the Decade" – Goya: The Portraits

    Tickets for the National Gallery's landmark exhibition, Goya: The Portraits had barely gone on sale before the show was hailed by critics as "the show of the decade". 

  5. The People Behind Goya's Portraits

    The People Behind Goya's Portraits

    To celebrate Credit Suisse's sponsorship of the landmark exhibition 'Goya: The Portraits' at the National Gallery, the bank is exploring the lives of the artist's subjects through mobile technology.

  6. Discover Goya: The Portraits at the National Gallery

    Portraits made up a third of Goya's output with more than 150 works surviving today. Almost half of them will feature in Goya: The Portraits, supported by Credit Suisse, at the National Gallery.