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  1. Art for Everyone: Open Day at Kunsthaus Zürich!

    Art for Everyone: Open Day at Kunsthaus Zürich!

    With a motto of "Art for Everyone," Kunsthaus Zürich opened its doors to welcome around 4,500 visitors on Saturday, March 10, 2018. 

  2. Claude. Landscape with Hagar and the Angel, 1646. Presented by Beaumont, 1828. © The National Gallery, London.

    Art Philanthropy: A Beau Geste From Beaumont

    Giving back to society has always been a key focus for Credit Suisse. So it was for art patron and philanthropist Sir George Beaumont who was instrumental in the founding of the National Gallery. Find out more about Beaumont and the beginnings of the National Gallery in London, the bank's long-term partner.

  3. J. M. W. Turner – A Man of Entrepreneurial Instinct

    J. M. W. Turner – 
    A Man of Entrepreneurial Instinct

    1856, the same year that Credit Suisse was founded, Joseph Mallord William Turner's collection of paintings was bequeathed to the British Nation. The National Gallery, long-term partner of Credit Suisse, inherited some of his most famous works. Turner was not only one of the greatest artists that Great Britain has ever produced, but also an exceptionally gifted businessman. Get to know the artist who embodied a sense of business that is very close to Credit Suisse's entrepreneurial mind-set of today.

  4. Kunstmuseum Basel

    Kunstmuseum Basel

    The Breakthrough Years, 1911–1919

    September 16, 2017 – January 21, 2018
    Curator: Dr. Josef Helfenstein

  5. On the Trail of the Masters

    On the Trail of the Masters

    Nathalie Bäschlin, head restorer at the Kunstmuseum Bern (KMB), gives us an insight into her everyday professional life: documented in text, visual and audio form.

  6. Credit Suisse Launches "Art for Everyone"

    Credit Suisse Launches "Art for Everyone"

    On April 1, Kunsthaus Zürich held an open day for all art lovers. With this year's motto of "Art and Integration," Switzerland's oldest collection and exhibition institution aimed to address a wide range of people with different needs and backgrounds. As a long-standing partner, Credit Suisse hosted special tours.

  7. Award-Winning Video Art

    Award-Winning Video Art

    Samuel Lecocq won the 2017 Credit Suisse Förderpreis Videokunst competition in February, allowing him to present his work "A FUTURISTIC (MOVIE) SET-UP" in a solo exhibition at Kunstmuseum@PROGR through March 23. Credit Suisse also presented the nine best works from the competition at Museumsnacht Bern.

  8. The Legacy of Meret Oppenheim Lives On!

    The Legacy of Meret Oppenheim Lives On!

    MASI Lugano is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Meret Oppenheim. The art museum is not far from the village of Carona, where the artist used to spend her summers. Members of her family recently met with the museum's curator there to prepare for the exhibition. 

  9. "All people should have access to all forms of art"

    On April 1, Kunsthaus Zürich is having an open day based on the motto 'Art and integration.' Gallery educator Madeleine Witzig will be guiding visually-impaired people through the Kunsthaus. But even during her tours, touching is the exception. She wants to address all the senses, so that both sighted and visually impaired people are on equal footing.

  10. The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

    The Credit Suisse Exhibition – Michelangelo & Sebastiano

    One of them is regarded as one of the most famous artists of art history; the other is just being rediscovered: Michelangelo Buonarroti and Sebastiano del Piombo. The National Gallery in London made the friendship between these two exceptional artists the focus of "The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo & Sebastiano". Credit Suisse has been a partner of the National Gallery since 2008 and is also supporting this exhibition – the first of its kind.