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  1. The future of work: Innovation's impacts on the workforce.

    The current digitalization revolution has a strong adjusting impulse on our occupational skills. A key question is not if there will be jobs, but more, which professions will substantially change.

  2. Artificial Intelligence will help economies grow but require greater social security

    Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) today published a new report looking at the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of the labor market.

  3. This century's wealth trends: Broad-based wealth creation

    After the financial crisis, inequality rose during the wealth creation process. This phase now appears to have ended.

  4. Retail outlook 2019: Swiss retail trade facing tougher competition from international online retailers

    Credit Suisse publishes its study on the outlook for Swiss retailing

  5. Survey of Swiss companies reveals widespread skepticism over prospects for euro

    A third of businesses choose not to hedge currency risks

  6. Economic forecasts for Switzerland in 2019: Growth is slowing

    Credit Suisse publishes its "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2018

  7. Swiss office market recovering from the inside out

    Credit Suisse publishes its study “Swiss Office Property Market 2019”

  8. Locational quality 2025 – outlook after the tax reform: Zug defends top spot, Basel-Stadt overtakes Zurich, Geneva now in 4th place

    Credit Suisse publishes its annual study on the locational quality of Swiss cantons and regions

  9. Credit Suisse Europe Barometer: Bilateral agreements still broadly supported – high level of confidence in trade agreements with third countries

    Credit Suisse and the Europa Forum Lucerne publish a representative survey about Switzerland’s relationship with Europe