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  1. German Coalition: 'Jamaica' Fails to Materialize – Markets Stay Calm

    German Coalition: 'Jamaica' Fails to Materialize – Markets Stay Calm 

    After the breakdown of coalition talks, we favor French equities over their German counterparts. Italian bonds could be vulnerable to higher political risks.

  2. German Election: Merkel Weakened – Heightened Uncertainty

    German Election: Merkel Weakened – Heightened Uncertainty

    Angela Merkel wins fourth term. Focus now turns to the coalition she needs to forge.

  3. German Election 2017: Not a Market Game Changer

    German Election 2017: Not a Market Game Changer

    Angela Merkel is in the best position to win the German election, however uncertainty prevails regarding the coalition. We retain our positive view on German equities.

  4. Credit Suisse Launches European Political Risk Barometer

    The current year we will see several elections held in Europe. With voters going to the polls there are many uncertainties associated. Investors should keep an eye on the political calendar. The European Political Risk Barometer developed by IS&P will support them to do so.

  5. Europe's Trump Cards

    Europe's Trump Cards

    Pivotal elections are coming up in Europe. Their outcomes will have an impact on the economy and financial markets.

  6. Grexit? What Does It Actually Mean?

    At Tuesday's Eurozone summit, the Greek government was given a strict deadline to come up with a set of concrete and implementable reform and fiscal measures. If this list satisfies the demands of the Eurogroup members, a renewal of financial support would be forthcoming. If not, the much-discussed "Grexit" scenario may materialize.

  7. Is the Eurozone Finally Ready for Healthy Growth?

    Can Europe finally grow? Key speakers from the Credit Suisse 18th Annual Asian Investment Conference discuss the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing policy, low oil prices and a whether a weak euro could lead to sustainable economic growth.

  8. How to Achieve a Functioning Capital Markets Union

    With growth being on top of Europe's political agenda, a properly devised Capital Markets Union – including the EU's partner countries such as Switzerland – is a priority, as it develops the continent's undersized capital markets.

  9. Barroso Confident About Europe's Unity

    José Manuel Barroso told delegates at the Asian Investment Conference that he could say what he "sincerely thinks about the European Union" now that he is no longer president of the European Commission.

  10. Switzerland Contributes to EU Growth

    After the USA and ahead of China, Switzerland is the second largest buyer of goods and services from the European Union. With growth being on top of the Union's political priority list, Switzerland's role as contributor to the current growth agenda is not to be underestimated.